Drop-Off Exam Admitting Form

  • I understand it is the policy of Malibu Coast Animal Hospital that my pet be current on required vaccinations. Documentation must be provided before or at drop-off. If I am unable to provide documentation my pet will be vaccinated upon intake and I will be responsible for the associated charges.
  • We will perform a complete physical examination on your pet. After the exam the doctor may find it necessary to perform diagnostic tests to better evaluate your pet. Please indicate by initialing below which (if any) diagnostics the doctor may perform.

  • I authorize the doctor to take x-rays or perform an ultrasound. *Cost for X-rays is $ 125 - $232. Cost for Ultrasound is $280.
  • I authorize the doctor to collect and submit any lab work necessary to aid in diagnosing my pet. *Cost for lab work varies depending on test submmitted.
  • I do not want anything besides the physical exam performed without my verbal consent.

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