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  • * Play Care is only available for dogs whose owners have already submitted applications and have been approved. All vaccines (DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies) must be up to date. Malibu Coast Animal Hospital is not responsible for injuries that occur while your dog is at Canine Connection. Any costs for treatment of injuries incurred at Canine Connection are the responsibility of the pet owner. Canine Connection is an independently owned and operated business; it is not associated with Malibu Coast Animal Hospital.
  • * We supply bedding and toys (upon request) during your pets stay. We strongly discourage leaving any personal bedding or toys as they may be lost or soiled. If you choose to leave personal items with your pet, we will do our best to return them to you, however be advised that there is no guarantee of returned property and Malibu Coast Animal Hospital has no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal items. * We are happy to provide food for your pet during his or her stay with us. Dogs are fed a Sensitive Stomach diet and Cats are fed a Urinary Health Diet. If you would like to provide your own food for your pets stay, we are happy to feed it. In order to help with storage space we request that you refrain from bringing large bags of food with your pet. Small bags or large Ziploc bags of food are preferred.
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  • I understand that payment is due at the time of release. I further understand that the Doctor (unless otherwise instructed by me at drop-off) will perform any tests or procedures he or she feels is necessary for the health, safety, and comfort of my pet and that I am financially responsible for these services.

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